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Sylhet Choraly Roosters 2010
Roosters from Sylhet Bangladesh, the breed is Choraly.
aseel murga sylhet
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indian asil.mp4
young asil fighting with black asil.
My thai rooster with asil and shamo hens
Shamo rooster and chicks with asil and shamo hen.
Murga 'white'
Playing game.
টার্কি ও তিতির পালন Turkey & Titir Palon Dia Agro Part 16
অল্প সংখ্যক টার্কির বাচ্চা নিয়ে গ্রামে ও ঢাকায় বাড়ির ছাদে খামার করার...
Murga 25 Kg
25 Kg Murga in Daulatpur, Gonda (up) https://youtu.be/XLRniYMggpc https://youtu.be/Iu_2SxynF3w.
টার্কি মুরগী
This is a web site for advising turkey farming. all kind of advised you can get within a moment on your computer or mobile screen how will you nourish turkey ...
Cock fight or murgi lorai
http://adf.ly/1A9wuS Chicken fight is a water entertainment. It may also submit to: Murgi lorai or Chicken fight, a South Korean sport where you take the ankle of ...
roosters trying to fight(10-03-2012).mp4
roosters trying to fight.
cock fight
cock fight.
A Cock Says Allah Allah - - - - - ( Subahan-Allah )
A Cock Says Allah Allah. When the cock sound then it seems Allah Allah. ( Subahan-Allah) Share & Spead.
Morog lodai(cock fight)
Cock says Allah Allah muslim must watch this video)
Every muslim must see it... A cock in Bangladesh always say Allah Allah.